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Top 25 Project Management Tools in 2019

Optimal Project Management is a task that demands the right set of tools. You can improve the chances of the success of your project by using the right set of tools. There are a number of project management tools that can be used throughout the project management lifecycle.

Top 25 Project Management Tools

From the so many tools available, it is not so easy to choose the best project management tools. To aid you in the task of choosing the relevant tools, we have detailed the top Project Management Tools of 2019. Without any delay, let’s check out the list!

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an application that is designed with optimal project collaboration and execution in mind. Through the aid of Gantt Charts and organized storage space, the progress of an ongoing project can be reported consistently. The progress of the project is safe and secure within the dedicated cloud servers of Proofhub. ProofHub organizes the entirety of a project in a manageable manner and aids in significantly bringing down the delivery time.

2. Scoro

The score is a business management tool that aims to bring all of the crucial data about a project in one place. Scoro creates a nexus where authorized personnel can review progress, report tasks, and communicate with team members. Scoro allows seamless integration with third-party plugins like MailChimp and Dropbox. This makes the tool extremely customizable and convenient to use within a business.

3. Workzone

Workzone is a collaborative platform that acts as the focal point for bringing all the involved parties in a project together. This ensures an increased sense of collaboration and easy communication between clients and team members.The software allows an organization to create tasks, review processes, and share files. Workzone allows for better communication between the involved individuals, regardless of its team members or the clients. It’s one of the top Project Management Tools used for improving efficiency in your project.

4. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the most popular Project Management Tools that is both easy to use and efficient in its functioning. The tool serves as a singular platform for collaboration, creation, and communication between the involved entities in a project. It enables an organization to record their progress as Gantt Charts. Zoho Projects also acts as a platform to store crucial documents and files in a manageable manner.

5. GanttPro

Regarded as one of the best Project Management tools, GanttPro enables an organization to overlook the entirety of a project from a single platform. The tool enables to record the progress of the project as Gantt Charts and as Board Views. Along with the same, GanttPro allows for members to collaborate more effectively through comments and notifications. The tool also features pre-existing project templates to kickstart any fresh projects.

6. nTask

This newcomer in the Project Management tools market aims at integrating the recent advancements in technology within its platform. This simple-to-use tool features a smooth and organized UI. Added to that, it is effective in recording the progress of a project. The tool also features minimalistic designs for effective time management and resource management. nTask also aims to aid in risk management through its risk matrices that overview all the risk and possible solutions.

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7. Functionfox

Functionfox is one of the most widely used Project Management Tools that focuses on recording available resources, deadlines, and processes efficiently through timesheets. The tool can aid to create future projections for the budget and needs of a project. Functionfox records all available reports in an interactive and delivers the changes in real-time. The tool can effectively assist in reducing delivery time for a project and for increasing productivity.

8. Workbook

Workbook, as a project management tool, is effective for collaboration, accounting, forecasting, and file-sharing. The simple-to-use tool features an organized layout which enables to manage all upcoming task and deadlines optimally. The workbook is extremely customizable and also allows to create a client portal. The tool allows its consumers to pay only for what they need with their customizable subscription plan.

9. Redbooth

Redbooth is a project management tool that focuses on enhancing the collaborative senes between team members. A user can effectively list all the upcoming task and easily assign them to individual team members. This allows one to keep their team organized and aware of all the upcoming assignments. Redbooth’s easy to navigate UI enables to optimally manage the deadlines and ultimately increase productivity within a team.

10. Celoxis

Celoxis is an all-in-one project management tool that manages all of the aspects of an ongoing project. Whether one needs to record the progress within Gantt Charts or wants to manage the resources more effectively, Celoxis has features for all of that. The tool also has in-built features aimed at increasing collaboration between team members and also to provide real-time insights into the progression of the project. Overall, Celoxis is the ideal choice of PM platform if one seeks to gain the most out of a singular tool.

11. 10,000FT

10,000FT is a project management software that focuses on effective resource and team management. Additional to the same, 10,000FT also has time-tracking features that enable one to meet the deadlines within a project consistently. The tool is just as flexible as it is efficient. The detailed management features of the software make it one of the ideal tools for its specified purpose.

12. TeamGantt

TeamGantt is one of the most popular and easy to use online Project Management Tools. It differs itself from its competitors due to its intuitive UI and easy-to-use features. Users can simply drag-and-drop the data to create organized and detailed Gantt Charts to record the progress of the project. With the additional features to seamlessly invite individuals to view and edit the Gantt Charts, TeamGantt becomes one of the easiest tools to use while maintaining its sense of efficiency.

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13. Proworkflow

Proworkflow is a project management tool that combines extreme versatility with ease of use. The tool also supports integration with other tools that you might frequently be using. The same makes it significantly more convenient than using multiple tools at once. Proworkflow has features in-built that allow one to effectively assign tasks, track deadlines, and report the progress of the project.

14. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a project management tool that enables you to handle multiple projects efficiently and all at once. The tool allows you to record the progress of the project within Gantt Charts effectively. Regardless of how many project one might be managing, Mavenlink seamlessly arranges all of them together. It also displays the data in a manageable form.

15. Insightly

Insightly is one of the widely used Project Management Tools that mainly focuses on CRM with additional features for optimal project management. The tool has features that enable one to manage and pursue any potential leads. Along with providing effective methods for managing the relationship with customers, the tool also aids in tracking the progress of an ongoing project.

16. Clarizen

Clarizen is a cloud-based project management solution that provides its users with effective resource and time management features. Users can record the progress of the project as visual representations of the same. Any changes are stored in the dedicated cloud server. This keeps any crucial data safe and secure. The specified sets of data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

17. Comindware

Comindware is built with efficient workflow and business management in mind. Users can overlook the progress of the project and can also optimize the ongoing processes. It also aids in optimal customer order management and for developing long-term relationships with customers. The tool also allows one to automate and optimize the processes related to the project fully.

18. Easy Project

Easy Project differs itself from other project management tools with its modular nature. The tool can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel. Easy Project can also be customized by installing modules designed for resource and time management along with CRM-related features. This tool allows the user to record data as an effective visual representation of the same. These visual aids enable an easy understanding of the involved individuals in the project.

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19. Crocoagile

Crocoagile is a project management tool that is built around the agile method of management. The tool allows you to divide tasks and processes to track each of the same efficiently. Crocoagile brings all of the involved members under one platform to promote easy communication and allows them to collaborate more effectively. It enhances it all through the inclusion of Smart Alerts and Activity Streams.

20. Producteev

Producteev is a project management tool that aims to cover all of the aspects of optimal project management. With features that allow the users to assign tasks, review the progress of each task, organize files, and communicate with the team members, this tool is ideal if one seeks to manage every phase and process of project management with a single tool.

21. Teamdeck

Teamdeck is designed to better organize and assign available tasks within a project. The tool aims at promoting organized teamwork and optimal resource management. With features like easy creation of timesheets and time tracking for each of the assigned tasks, this tool is a good candidate if one seeks to better organize their list of tasks and activities in a project.

22. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is one of the most efficient Project Management Tools that includes cloud technologies to secure crucial data sets related to a project safely. The tool can communicate with widely used file storage options like Google Drive or Dropbox. This makes the tool extremely convenient to use and makes it just as effective.

23. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a simple project management tool that provides powerful management solutions along with easy-to-use user interface. Users can record the progress of the project within Gantt Charts and can keep a bird-eye view of the overall progress. With additional features like third-party integrations and the ability to split tasks into smaller subtasks, Freedcamp becomes one of the most effective tools for project management.

24. Hive

Hive stays true to its name by creating a hive for ongoing tasks, resource management, and for reviewing the progress of the project. The organized layout allows a user to keep track of any changes within the project. With 1000+ plugin integrations available and the ability to access data from anywhere, Hive is a tool for optimizing the processes within a project to gain the maximum efficiency and productivity.

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25. Flock

Flock is a project management tool that is built for increasing the efficiency and productivity of a team by providing effective collaboration tools. The tool enables users to share files and interact with each other through group chat and video calls. With the additional feature of inviting guests to the project, Flock is one of the ideal collaborative platforms for project management.

Final Words

These Project Management Tools are a comprehensive solution that combines all the essential features that you might require while managing your project. Take advantage of these feature-rich tools and track down your absent deliverables, communicate with your stakeholders and analyze data. Organize all the moving pieces of your project management plan into a success with these tools.

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