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Scrum Vs. Kanban: Which is better for your team in 2019?

It can be confusing to decide whether to use Kanban or Scrum to achieve success in your project.

Both of these are approaches for projects and champions of continuous improvement to tackle any kind of work. While both these methodologies hold their own value, it depends on the project that you are essaying, the nature of work and your organization to decide which of these approaches will best suit your diverse project needs.

For a more clear picture about both these methodologies let’s take a look at Scrum Vs. Kanban to know which one can be more beneficial for your project.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a well-defined approach to streamline workflow and make the project more flexible for optimum results. It enhances team collaboration and leads to an efficient workflow. Smaller teams mostly adopt this methodology as it is made up of tasks that last for a shorter duration.

The cycles generally last for two weeks, and the Scrum Master which is the team expert guides the team to use scrum in the project effectively. When a scrum methodology is scaled to be used in bigger projects the teams use Agile software development to complete the project seamlessly.

Scrum approach is used in diverse industries such as event planning and logistics. It encourages self-organized teams, frequent delivery and prioritizing of all your requirements based on the value your business holds.

It has increased efficacy, and efficient workflow in thousands of organizations and the success rate of project delivery using Scrum is around 62%.

When to use Scrum?

Scrum has gained popularity and has been adopted by thousands of professionals over the years.

It is an Agile methodology for projects that require complete streamlining from the ideation to the implementation.

It can help you in designing a successful project implementation plan where you can assign the roles to the team members, and you can also allot intervals for project completion.

With the help of scrum, the team remains in contact with the customers and the management.

If your projects require continuous streamlining, then this can be an ideal approach for your company.

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a workflow management approach that originated in Japan in the factory of leading car company Toyota. The name signifies billboard in Japenese, and it is an ideal way to make the project progress clear and simple for everyone involved in it.

By using this methodology, it becomes easier to gauge inefficiencies in your project schedule before they create slack in work progress. It also helps in achieving incredible achievement in your project like scrum.

You can plan the entire project development phase, the role of team members and task deadline using this approach. The best thing about using Kanban approach is that you don’t need the experience and training of scrum.

When to use Kanban?

If you require a methodology that can lead to improvement in your daily increment in project development, then Kanban can be the best approach.

It helps the team members in developing a visual idea regarding the implementation of the project.

You can apply this approach to your entire project plan to ensure that the project gets completed on time and the team is well synchronized.

According to research done on a software development company by David Joyce and Peter Middletone, the use of Kanban approach reduced the lead time for the delivery of software by 37%. The defects and complaints reported by the customers also fell to 24% after the usage of Kanban methodology.

Kanban vs. Scrum

Let’s know more about Scrum Vs. Kanban to know which one can better suit your project management needs.

Kanban Vs Scrum infographic

Why is Kanban better for your project?

Kanban is an ideal methodology to improve workflow and to provide flexibility to your work. It doesn’t require experience and training of scrum and is easy to understand and learn.

If you’re looking for a project management approach that won’t vanquish or bend with the changing environment, then Kanban is ideal for you. You can ease out the functioning of your project by reducing its time cycle through this approach.

The best thing about this methodology is that it can be used by anyone in the team both skilled members and general employees. It also improves the flow of your project and makes the project faster.

Problems with Kanban

Kanban is simple to use in comparison to the Scrum methodology, but there might be problems in using the kanban board correctly. If your team member is using an updated kanban board, there can be a problem in the project development process. You should also avoid making the board complex as an overly complex structure can affect your project.

There is no timeframe in Kanban approach which can make your project stagnant in the lack of a fixed deadline.

Why is Scrum better for your project?

If your project requires to flow in particular procedures where the functionalities demand specific roles, then scrum can be a structured approach for you. It has greater visibility and transparency than scrum and helps you collaborate effectively with your team.

Another reason that can convince you to use scrum is that it enhances team accountability. This means you can keep a check over the functioning of your team members and reward those who’re performing their best.

It doesn’t get affected with the changing environment and can easily accommodate with any sort of change that is required at the last minute. Because of its efficacy, speed and success rate for small teams it also serves as a money saver methodology.

If you’re a startup or an institution looking for the best way to scrutinize your work, then nothing better than scrum can help you fulfill your needs.

Problems with Scrum

Scrum is a time tested methodology that has given successful results to organizations, but few openings in it can hinder its efficiency. Firstfall you need to be experienced and skilled to use it. Not only the Scrum master but the team will also need to have high-level skills to get scrum working.

You also need to define your tasks in this methodology failing to which can lead to inaccuracies. Scrum methodology demands that the team or the organization using it should be fast and furious in every aspect of it’s functioning.


Now you know everything about Scrum Vs. Kanban and which one can better suit your project needs. You can use both these approaches to tackle your project, but there is no clear champion.

Analyze different aspects of your project and then choose the methodology that encourages improvement, reduces inefficiencies and offers fast delivery of your work.

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