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Renewing PMP Certification

If you hold the certification of Project Management Professional (PMP) then congrats that you’ve made it to the list of certified PMP professionals!

PMP Certification entitles you as a project hero, and it signifies that you can understand and speak the global language required in project management. But now you’ll have to maintain your credential to fulfil your PMP ® PDU requirements.

Enhancing your professional development is the most important thing you can do to remain in the active status.

You need to earn at least 60 professional development units to maintain the PMP credential over three years.

One PDU means you have spent one hour in your professional development.

There are many ways you can earn PDUs and maintain PMP certification.

If you’re interested in maintaining your PMP® certificate, then keep reading ahead.

Why Should you Maintain your PMP® Credential?

Credential maintenance is important to increase your competencies in the profession and to achieve professional development in diverse skill sets.

To stay ahead in the profession, your knowledge needs to increase, and you need to engage in activities that can help you achieve a greater position in your career.

The requirements of PMI continuing certification program outlines various activities that you can engage in to connect with the skilled project management professionals.

This also helps you in engaging the developmental and educational activities so that you keep growing with time in this profession.

PMP renewal not only renews your certificate but also gives you a nice standing.  To get a renewal of your PMP, you need to report your earned PDUs.

What are PDUs?

Professional Development Unit or PDU tracks the skill sets and professional development in the PMI credential holders. These are an essential part of the continuing certification requirement to maintain your PMI credential. You need to earn a minimum 60 PDUs within a time frame of three years to maintain an active credential for your PMI certification.

What happens if you fail to earn 60 PDUs?

The PMP certification lasts for a cycle of 3 years during which it’s mandatory to earn 60 PDUs to renew your certification.

After the completion of one cycle that lasts for three years, another cycle begins which also ranges for a time frame of 3 years.

What if you’re not able to earn 60 PDU’s by the end of the PMP® certification cycle?

In this case, your credential gets suspended for a timeframe of one year. Your PMP certification can also become invalid if your PDUs are not secured within the year of your suspension.

This will demand you to start fresh, and you’ll have to proceed with a new application. So don’t forget to maintain PMP certification to ensure that your capabilities and skills are up to the mark before the end of 3 years.

How to keep track of PDUs?

PDU’s can be earned in various ways. When you get involved in the developmental activities, you earn one PDU for each hour. Some PDUs get reported to the PMI automatically for you, but it’s your responsibility to track the units to make sure that you perform well in advance of the time allotted for re-accreditation.

If you fail to track your PDUs accurately, you can face the risk of credential lapse which will require a fee for restoration. Arrange a central and safe place to keep a record of all your activities that can help you maintain PMP certification.

PMP Continuing Certification Requirement

All certification holders of PMI must earn PDUs to maintain PMP certification. You can earn the PDUs through professional development activities that focus on these two areas:


You need to utilize the learning opportunities that can help you expand your leadership, strategic, technical and business management capabilities.

Giving back to your Profession

Those activities are also counted where you share your knowledge to help build the profession and utilize your skills to contribute to this profession.

Here is the CCR requirement for PMP certification:

Certification CyclePDUs requiredEducational Minimum PDUsGiving Back Maximum PDUs
PMP3 Years603525

Other Ways to Earn PDUs

ways to earn pdus


You don’t need to attend a conventional classroom session to earn PDU. Here are more convenient options to earn PDU.

Participate in Meetings

It’s always a good decision to attend local events, meetings, and workshops in your area. Professional project management meetings also take place to evaluate the PMI chapter in your area. By attending these meetings, you can earn good credits. You can check the official website of PMI(WWW.PMI.ORG) to get information about the local chapter in your area.

Read books and online materials

Reading is a great way to stay informed and to stay ahead in your career. You can read various materials related to project management such as white papers, books, and blogs. This will support your professional development and will keep you in touch with the recent ongoings and development in your field.

Take online courses and media classes

You can earn credit by continuing your education further so that you can become more profound in your field. These credits are eligible to PDU if it can benefit you in the area of project management. PMI has formed many outlets to offer these activities.

You can also contact third-party providers like digital media classes; live leader operated classes and self-paced learning online. To achieve a higher skill set, you can even attend GAC accredited PMI courses which are a simple way for PMP renewal.

Giving back

The other important category for renewing PMP certification is “Giving Back.” You can volunteer, create content or work as a practitioner to add value to your community which will, in turn, help you in earning PDUs.

Create content

You can share your knowledge by creating new resources that can be used by practitioners and common individuals. By sharing your insight and skill with others, you create a learning environment that adds up as your credits. You can create new content in multiple ways such as blogs, books, webinars or presentations.

Audit a meeting or class

Another easy way to earn PDU is by engaging and attending in an informal learning environment. Here you can engage in a structured discussion with others, audit a class and share your knowledge with others. Lunch and learn session is a great way to earn a few PDUs.


You can renew PMP using your presentation skills. You can create a powerful presentation and speak at the conferences to deliver the tools and skills related to your project management knowledge. You can renew your PMP using PDUs also.

Steps for Renewing PMP Certification

To maintain your PMP credential here are the following steps.

Step1: Find out the categories that can help you earn PMP

To maintain the most coveted PMP credit, you need to know about the categories that can help you achieve the same. You can choose a wide range of options as per your requirement. Education and Giving back are the two major categories that can help you earn PDU.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate courses

Once you have understood about the categories required for PMP renewal you can choose an appropriate course provider. You can compare the cost of these options and renew your PMP at the lowest cost while maintaining the scope and quality. You can choose a classroom, training or other courses.

Step 3: Take courses

Whether you enroll into an online course or other categories to earn PDU, you need to complete it successfully. You also need to keep track of minimum/maximum that will be required to report for renewing PMP certification.

Step 4: Login to the online portal of CCRS and report PDU

Using your ID and password, you can log in to the online portal of CCRS on the PMI website. Report your work to PDU link to renew the PMP process. Once you submit your PMP renewal and get approval the dashboard shows it as completed.

Step 5: Complete PMP application renewal

You get communicated about PDU fulfillment once you complete scoring 60 PDU  for renewing PMP certification. You can complete the PMP renewal application at this stage.

Stage 6: Reaffirm the code of conduct of PMI

Being a credential holder of PMP, you need to confirm that you’re abiding by the professional conduct and code of ethics of PMP.

Step 7: Pay PMP fee for renewal

If you’re a registered member of PMI, you need to pay 60$ (4200) to renew your PMP certificate. If you aren’t the member, you’ll have to pay 150$ (10500) for PMP renewal.

Step 8 : Maintain your PMP certification

Once you complete these steps, you have become a proud PMP holder. But now you need to maintain your badge instead of seeking for the renewal process to come out of the suspension status.

Maintain your active status by adhering to the certification requirement of PMP. This will ensure that you’re competent enough to meet the demands of your profession. We hope all your queries have been resolved related to the ways to earn PDUs and maintain PMP certification.

If you have any more queries related to PMP certification you can comment below.

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