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PRINCE2 Vs PMP – Which Certification Better?

If you’re looking for an appropriate professional certification to take your career forward, then you should never get perplexed regarding the choice of the courses. PMP and Prince 2 are the most important project management certification that can help you level up your career.

But you need to be well acquainted with the differences between both of them to know which one among them can help you advance your career. In this article, we’ll focus on clearing all your doubts regarding PRINCE2 Vs. PMP which are the most preeminent certifications.

What is PMP?

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and it is the most reputed and widely accepted certification for project managers. By availing this certification, a candidate gets comprehensive knowledge about the tactics to manage a project effectively.

It offers extensive knowledge to adopt for the planning, design, and implementation of project objectives. This is the reason many project management practitioners also consider it as the encyclopedia of project management.

You can get complete knowledge about project management and skill to manage a project professionally with the help of PMP certification. It focuses more on theoretical knowledge and less on methodology, but still, many companies use it as a standardized requirement for project managers.

According to a survey conducted by PwC certified PMP project managers handle more than three fourth of the high performing projects. It is also the fifth highest grossing certification and ensures better success in projects.

A complete guide to pass PMP Certifications

Why should you opt for PMP certification?

  • Hiring project managers across the globe require widely recognized PMP certification that demonstrates the skills required to combat the project challenges.
  • PMP makes your resume stand out and provides you with the skill to finish the project successfully from start to end.
  • PMP credential also ensures improved salary package than the non-certified peers.
  • The comprehensive knowledge that you gain through this certification helps you in benchmarking your skills of project execution and improves the productivity of your project management team.

It comes with three years of validity after which you have to earn 60 PDUs to successfully maintain the certification of your PMP.

What is PRINCE 2?

PRINCE2 stands for Project In Controlled Environment is a program that is methodology based and easier to apply while working as a project manager for the success of your project.

It helps you in completing your project with a systematic approach.

The difference between Prince 2 and PMP is that Prince 2 covers the activities and processes of project management in details to deliver a valuable project while PMP covers the sum of knowledge of project management that is accepted in most of the projects.

Prince 2 is the most complimentary tool in your entire skill set, and you can consider it as a complement to your PMP award and credential. It is the certification method that can help you climb up to the higher echelons of project management. Prince 2 certification is governed by AXELOS, and it offers the right framework to deliver a successful project with clear steps, processes, and templates.

Why should you opt for the PRINCE 2 Certification?

The most notable difference between Prince 2 and PMP is that PMP provides best practices to manage your projects, but it stays away from giving a clear recommendation of the processes that you need to follow in order to manage your projects while Prince 2 fills that void which is left by PMP.

If you’re looking for complete business justification and update on your business, then PRINCE 2 ensures the value that will be delivered to your business.

The best thing about Prince 2 is that it can be used to tailor the project of any size and complexity. It is an embedded methodology which can save lots of time and resources in executing your project in the correct way.

Based on the standard established by the Project Management InstituteBased on the methodology of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
Descriptive frameworkPrescriptive framework
Each knowledge area or topic can be referred to in isolationAn integrated set of themes and processes can’t be used in isolation
It focuses on the role of the project managerProject roles are clearly defined over here
Driven by the requirement of the customersDriven by the case of the business
Knowledge-based approachProcess-based approach
Gives comprehensive information on various aspects of project management.Gives practical project management methodology which is based on seven principles
Originated in the US and got widely recognized in Canada, Asia, and the Middle East.Originated in the UK and widely got recognized in Europe, Australia, and the UK.
Consists of only one levelConsists of three levels, Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional


If you have a dilemma in your mind considering which project management certification is right for you, then you need to know the differences between PRINCE 2 VS PMP.Read ahead to know whether PMP or Prince 2 certification is the right choice for your bright career.

  • PMP provides an effective framework and tools to complete the project with efficiency. The Prince 2, on the other hand, offers a methodology to complete the project.

  • The reference book of PMP is PMBOK guide while the reference book of Prince 2 is Prince 2 Manual. Both of these certifications have different principles and contents.  

  • Prince 2 comes with three distinct qualification levels- Prince 2 foundation, Prince 2 Practitioner and Prince 2 Re-Registration. PMP is only certification. The eligibility criteria of PMP and Prince 2 also differ.

  • You need 60 PDUs to maintain your PMP certification every three years while the Prince 2 Practitioner qualification remains valid for five years. Candidates need to pass Prince 2 Re-Registration within the tenure of three to five years.

  • You can avail a lucrative salary after attaining Prince 2 certification, but the pay that you will get over here won’t be as much as the PMP professionals are getting.

  • The biggest difference between PRINCE 2 and PMP is that PMP certification holds importance in American countries and the United States while Prince 2 holds more prominence in Australia, UK, and other countries of Europe. In Africa, Asia and Middle East regions both these certifications hold equal importance.

  • Another major difference between Prince 2 and PMP is that Prince 2 uses the concept of tailoring approach to help the project managers in adapting to the project effectively. This makes the project highly flexible and scalable. PMP doesn’t offer much flexibility as Prince 2 as it focuses more on the knowledge area.

  • Prince 2 is a methodology based structured process with a clear definition of varied project roles and processes. PMP, however, focuses on good techniques, practices and interpersonal skills to succeed in your project.

Prerequisites of PMP

  • PMP requires at least three years of experience in project management and a four-year degree along with 4500 hours of leading a project. It also requires you to have 35 hours of training from a registered education provider.
  • Five years of experience in project management with a secondary degree and 7,500 hours of experience in leading a project. You also need to have 35 hours of training from a registered education provider in project management.

Prerequisites of Prince 2

  • No prerequisite is required for the foundation level of Prince 2
  • In Prince 2 practitioner level no relevant work experience is required, but the foundation level is a must have for a practitioner.

Which one should you opt for between PRINCE 2 VS PMP

It can be quite confusing to choose between PRINCE 2 VS PMP to get in-depth knowledge of project management approaches.

But if you’re really looking to take your project management skill to the next level, then you must undergo certification in both these approaches.

This will help you in implementing the project management techniques that are required to complete your project successfully.

So enhance your skill set and improve your performance in project management by using both these approaches together.

If you still wish to choose one between PRINCE 2 VS PMP, then the above factors can play a vital role in helping you pick the certification program that will best suit your project management needs.

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