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Free PMP Certification Exam Questions

The PMP is a widely accepted project management certification by PMI. It is the most demanded certification across the globe. 

PMP credential is a golden standard for any project manager regardless of your industry.

Are you preparing for the PMP certification? 

Are you looking for preparation materials for the PMP? 

Let’s have a look into the exam pattern.

PMP Certification Exam Pattern

There are 200 questions in the exam and you have 4 hours to complete. There are 25 pretest questions which will not be counted to the results, candidates will be scored on 175 questions.

The questions are distributed throughout the five domains of project management defined in PMBOK.

DomainPercentage of Questions
Monitoring and Controlling25%
Closing 7%

Here we brought you free sample questions for the PMP certification exam.

Question 1 :

A project manager is in the phase of closing a project. He asks his team leader to archive the records of testing and analysis of the defects.

Why is it necessary to archive project records?

A. It is a good practice

B. It is recommended by the project office

C. To help future similar projects

D. To document project performance

Correct Answer : C

Project archives are required to help future similar projects in the performing organization. Though the other choices are also true but the best response is choice “C”.

Question 2 :

Consider, you are in the final phase of a low-cost car manufacturing project. This project, as designed, has delivered a low-cost car that runs on the battery.

However, to close this project, many administrative standards are required to be followed in order to avoid auditing from Government authorities.

Since your organization possesses experts who have tremendous knowledge in closing procedures and standards, you would like to use them to close this project. This effort is an instance of :

A. Using expert judgment in closing the project.

B. Using enterprise environmental factors in closing the project.

C. Using organizational process assets in closing the project.

D. All of the above

Correct Answer : A

Projects are closed during the close project process. The only tool which is used in this process is the expert judgment. Expert judgment can be obtained from consultants or industry experts. These experts make sure that all project standards are followed when they are closed.

In this scenario, you want to use experts from your own organization in closing the project.

Question 3 :

Which of the following communication skills will lead you to successful management of the stakeholders, while you interact with various stakeholders, to identify their needs, interests and expectations in the project you are going to execute?

A. Effective Communication

B. Passive Listening skills

C. Active Listening Skills

D. None of the above

Correct Answer : C

Effective listening means listening really effectively in a true sense. Making a true effort to understand the other person’s intentions so that you can make your communication successful Active listening is proactively making sure to stakeholders that you are sincerely hearing and understand what they are talking to you.

Question 4 :

While you are in the process of acquiring your project team members, your customer reminds you that he wants this project to be assigned to a specific consultant because the consultant has already worked on a similar project with the same customer.

You have also found the same already mentioned in the project charter. Under which specific “Acquire Project Team” tool and technique does this situation fall?

A. Pre-assignment

B. Negotiation

C. Acquisition

D. Virtual Teams

Correct Answer : A

All of the choices are tools and techniques used to acquire project team. This is the case where the specific consultant is pre-assigned to the project. This case normally happens as a part of competitive proposal when the project depends upon the expertise of a specific person, or the person is selected as a part of the project charter.

Negotiation technique is used to negotiate with various people like functional managers and other project team members for getting them into the project.

Acquisition is a technique used to acquire project team when the performing organization lacks the in-house staff needed to complete the project.

Virtual Team is the one in case of which a group of people share the goal with little or no time spent in meeting face-to-face. In such a case, communication effectiveness plays a key role in the success of the project.

Question 5 :

You have been appointed as a project manager to manage a project for setting up a complete infrastructure for an outsourcing company. Once the infrastructure is ready to use, it will be handed over to the operations team.

As it involves stakeholders from various parts of the globe, you are supposed to use communication models to facilitate the communication and exchange the information.

Which of the following is the correct sequence in a basic communication modes?

A. Decode Transmit Message, Encode Acknowledge, Feedback/response

B. Encode, Transmit Message, Acknowledge, Decode, Feedback/response

C. Encode, Transmit Message, Decode, Acknowledge, Feedback/response

D. Encode, Transmit Message, Decode, Feedback/response, Acknowledge

Correct Answer : C

The sender is responsible for the transmission of the message and for ensuring that information being communicated is clear and complete and it has been correctly understood.

A receiver decodes the message into meaningful thoughts or ideas and may acknowledge the receipt of the message. Once a message has been decoded and understood, the receiver responds to the original sender.

Reference : PMBOK Guide 6th Edition, page 371.

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Question 6 :

As a project manager, you have been assigned a new project to be executed from Texas. On doing a project resource analysis, you find that certain expertise that is required for your project specific is available in California.

However, the California based resource is not willing to relocate to Texas for the project.

What is the next step you should do as a project manager of this project?

A. Write to the manager of the California based resource

B. Go ahead by using a virtual team option

C. Continue the project accepting the limitation of resource not able to relocate

D. Go ahead by using a co-location option

Correct Answer : B

The use of Virtual teams creates multiple options of having project teams placed in different geographical regions working towards achieving a common project goal.

Virtual teams can present additional challenges to project manager and more responsibility for making sure proper communication among virtual team members.

Question 7 :

You are a project manager, observing that few of your team members are not performing well during the execution phase of your project.

You as a PMP certified project manager, are taking a personal interest in the development of such low performing team members and provide them individual guidance not necessarily just guiding them toward the current project but also helping them to realize the importance of gaining certain individual skills from their long-term career goals in mind.

Which of the following specific skills is a project manager in the contest using?

A. Motivation

B. Communicating

C. Mentoring

D. Coaching

Correct Answer : C

Mentoring is a way to help team members develop. It has an added dimension beyond just teaching a skill. It involves taking a personal interest in the employees you mentor and providing individual guidance to lower performing team members—not necessarily just immediate guidance toward the current project, but also with the team member’s long-term career goals in mind.

Question 8 :

While managing stakeholders, the project manager realized that the key stakeholders are happy with the project’ progress.

The project team has gained the confidence and so the key stakeholders do not want to continue with “video conferencing” on a weekly basis. The stakeholders have informed project manager to send the weekly status report by email and schedule a conference call for 30 min only on every Monday of the week.

Which of the following documents would the project manager update in this case?

A. Organizational Process Assets

B. Project Management Plan

C. Issue Log

D. All of the above

Correct Answer : B

Project Management Plan includes Stakeholder Management Plan and Communication Management Plan, considering stakeholders information needs and expectations, the project manager needs to update it.

The scenario does not describe any changes in the organization’s assets such as reports etc. Issue log is an invalid option as the scenario does not describe the problems that the key stakeholders are facing.

Question 9 :

Conflict is inevitable in any project environment due to differences of opinions among project team members. At times, these differences of opinions become a negative factor.

While working on a project, the conflict has arisen due to personal working style.

Who will be responsible for resolving conflict?

A. Project Manager

B. Project Team Members

C. Human Resource Manager

D. Customer

Correct Answer : B

If the differences become a negative factor, project team members are initially responsible for resolution of conflicts.

If conflict escalates, the project manager should help facilitate a satisfactory resolution.

Conflict should be addressed early and usually in private, using a direct collaborative approach.

If the disruptive conflict continues, formal procedures may be used, including disciplinary actions.

Question 10 :

A project manager in the construction company, is communicating the approved project charter to all the internal and external stakeholders.

Why is he doing this activity when the project charter is prepared with the help of them?

A. It helps them to understand the key deliverables.

B. It helps them to understand their roles and responsibilities clearly.

C. Not all stakeholders need and expectations are covered in the charter and it is based    

     on the high priority business needs.

D. All of the above.

Correct Answer : D

Approved project charter needs to be communicated to all the stakeholders to make sure the key deliverables, roles and responsibilities and what is covered as part of the high priority business needs.

Choice A, B and C are all correct.

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