a guide to PMP formulas

A Guide to PMP Formulas and Calculations


If you’re preparing for the PMP exam, you might have heard that you have to learn and memorize PMP calculations and formulas. You would have probably read somewhere that many are saying that most difficult part of the exam is memorizing the PMP formulas. It’s not that much complicated, you just need to understand and memorize few formulas.

In this guide, I’ll list important formulas which is needed for the PMP exam.

Acronyms used in the formulas.

CV – Cost Variance

SV – Schedule Variance

CPI – Cost Performance Index

SPI – Schedule Performance Index

PV – Planned Value

EV – Earned Value

AC – Actual Cost

ES – Earned Schedule

EAC – Estimate at Completion

BAC – Budget at Completion

ETC – Estimate to Complete

VAC – Variance at Completion

TCPI – To Complete Performance Index

AT – Actual Time

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Important Formulas for PMP Exam

1Cost Performance Index(CPI)CPI = EV/AC
2Schedule Variance (SV)SV = EV – PV
3Cost Variance (CV)CV = EV – AC
4Schedule Performance Index (SPI)SPI = EV/PV
5No of Communication Channelsn (n-1)/2
6PERT Estimation(0+4M+P) / 6
7Standard Deviation(P – 0) /6
8Float/SlackLS – EFLF – EF
9Variance at Completion (VAC)VAC = BAC – EAC
10Estimate to Completion (ETC)ETC = EAC – AC
11To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI)TCPI = Remaining work/remaining funds
12Earned Value (EV)EV = % complete * BAC

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