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Top 10 Websites for PMI ACP Sample Questions

The Agile method is arguably the most efficient approach to project management. Agile Certified Practitioners are known to be in demand when it comes to hiring for capable people who can handle the requirements within the field of Project Management.

Due to the above mentioned facts, the PMI-ACP exam is referred to as the fastest growing certification in the industry.

If you are someone aspiring to be a Certified Agile Practitioner, then the following Websites for PMI ACP Sample Questions are certain to help you along your way to achieving your dream.

1. The PM PrepCast

The PM PrepCast serves as a hub for the most frequent questions that are asked in the PMI-ACP exam. Users can browse through the vast collection of PMI-ACP questions via the user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Clicking on the question you get redirected to a separate page where the question is described in detail in an MCQ-based layout. The answer is conveniently hidden at the bottom of the specified page to encourage users to attempt and answer the question on their own before checking the correct answer. The correct choice is displayed with precise reasoning.

It indicates why it was the most appropriate answer to the asked question. Given the PM PrepCast’s organized layout, it is deemed to be one of the best Website for PMI ACP Sample Questions.

2. Leading Answers

Leading Answers is not just a nexus for PMI-ACP sample questions but is an intricately curated blog. It deals with everything related to the Agile project management approach and the PMI-ACP examination.

Along with several relevant blog posts to read from, Leading Answers makes it incredibly easy for the user to redirect themselves to their desired category.

Users can utilize the embedded calendar within the sidebar to search for posts and questions based on a specified date, month, or year. The features above make it incredibly easy for users to search and read a relevant blog post or prepare a specific set of questions. Considering the collection of convenient features that the Leading Answers website is embedded with, it makes it one of the ideal for PMI ACP Sample Questions.

3. Whizlabs

Unlike other Websites for PMI ACP Sample Questions, Whizlabs aims to simulate an environment that is reminiscent of the actual PMI-ACP examination.

Users can register by providing their name and email to access their free PMI-ACP sample examination. This examination provides the users with a set of questions(120 questions) to solve within a set duration like that of the actual PMI-ACP examination. This gives the user a real idea about the patterns of the exam all the while making them certain about how much they are capable of.

After finishing the sample test, users are given an immediate report about how they performed in the examination. This helps them to further schedule and organize their preparatory sessions. Their efficient approach to preparing users for the exam makes Whizlabs to grab this position.

4. Graycampus

Graycampus is an innovative Website for PMI ACP Sample Questions that aims to engage the users. It offers an environment close to the one in a PMI-ACP examination hall.

Users can directly start attempting the examination without any additional formalities making the experience free of any unwanted hindrances. The mock tests consist of 120 of the most frequently asked questions within the PMI-ACP examination.

To attempt the same, users are given 180 minutes of duration to finish the mock test. Not only does this approach makes the user of their knowledge about the field but also introduces them to the exam patterns for the PMI-ACP examination.

After the user has finished the mock test, they are redirected to a personal dashboard where they can review their answers and also, enlighten themselves about the correct answer with the detailed reasoning for the same.

5. PM Training

PM Training is considered to be one of the best in the list since it caters user’s every need and has implemented enables the user to customize their user experience according to their preferences.

The service provides the users with a free demo where they can indulge themselves within an examination like environment. Users can also enable ‘Training Mode’ while attempting the mock tests that instructs the mock test program to display the correct answer the moment when the user submits their answer for a question.

After submitting the test, the user is presented with a detailed graph that represents the strengths and weaknesses of the user attempting the test. Along with the graphs, the user is also presented with the correct answers for all of the answers coupled with a detailed explanation about each answer.

The expansive coverage on every possible detail on PM Traning’s end makes it one of the few that are efficient in their approach of the same.

6. Simplilearn

At Simplilearn, users can attempt an intricately compiled mock test that represents the pattern similar to that of the actual PMI-ACP examination. After simply inputting their name, phone, and email details, users can start attempting the mock test.

The user interface is considerably easier to use and is just as organized. Along with the ability to attempt various frequently asked PMI-ACP questions, users are given the ability to pause the test in between or submit it at any point, if they wish to do so.

After submitting the tests, users can review their respective attempts by viewing the explanation for every question along with learning of the correct answers. Owing to its simple theme and organized layout, Simplilearn is regarded as one of the most idealistic in the list.

7. Master of Project Acadamy

Master of Project Acadamy takes a more lecture-like approach in its attempt to enlighten the users about PMI-ACP questions. The website is layered akin to a blog and details all the relevant PMI-ACP questions progressively and sequentially.

Along with stating the questions in a detailed method, the answers are described just below the stated question along with an extensive explanation as to why it is regarded as the correct answer.

Along with questions, the website also has a vast collection of blog posts detailing the process of PMI-ACP examination along with recommended tips for preparing for the same. The conversational approach that the Master of Project Acadamy follows makes one of the more convenient Website for PMI ACP Sample Questions.

8. iZenBridge

iZenBridge is a platform that believes in providing the necessary knowledge about the PMI-ACP questionnaire for free with uncompromised detail and efficiency. Users can take any of the available free quizzes related to the PMI-ACP examination.

The platform aims to get the users closer to an examination hall like environment with simulated mock tests. After submitting the test, users can review their attempt and make themselves aware of where they lack and what else they need to prepare.

What makes this website unique is the comparatively increased number of free quizzes and mock tests that users can attempt and review later. Considering the same, iZenBridge is one of our recommended website for PMI ACP Sample Questions.

9. 360 PMO

360 PMO provides the user with a relatively simple approach to engaging in PMI-ACP mock test. Users can start attempting the test without providing any additional information.

The test is without a time limit, so the users are allowed to take their time and carefully attempt every question. The test also provides the users with the ability to review previously answered questions and immediately informs them about their performance after they submit the test.

The hinder-free experience that 360 PMO provides it makes it one of the ideal Websites for PMI ACP Sample Questions and for attempting related mock tests.

10. Prozenics

Prozenics provides the user with an extensive file filled up to the brim with PMI-ACP related questions. Users are not required to fill out any additional forms or have to look for relevant posts to get answers for their queries.

The interface at Prozenics is simple and straight forward as it provides the users with exactly what they need. Users can read through the given questions before attempting the questions. Answers to each question are described just below the particular question to maintain a constant flow while reading.

The answer is coupled with a detailed explanation for the same. The simple and direct approach of Prozenics brings it into the list.


The above mentioned Websites for PMI ACP Sample Questions are regarded as the best platforms if one wishes to practice and make themselves aware of the frequently asked questions in the PMI-ACP examination. If you wish to know more about the platforms above, the titles are hyperlinked and will redirect you to the respective platform.

If you think your favourite site is missing in the list, do write to, we will check and add it to the list.

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